LASC Spring Challenge Results

Chantal and Shallis qualified for Alberta Summer Championships and the team finished fifth, winning 33 medals and breaking seven club records at the LASC Spring Challenge in Lethbridge.

Sam – 5 gold, 1 bronze and 3 new club records

Jeremy – 3 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze. New Champs standard in 50 & 100 breast

Kai – 2 silver, 1 bronze and 2 new club records

Ian – 3 gold and 1 bronze

Chantal – 1 gold, 2 bronze and 1 club record

Natalie – 5 PBs, 1 club record, and a few new Provincial standards

Riley – 1 gold, 2 silver and 4 PBs

Jaime – bronze in 100 fly, Provincial standards and PBs in all events

Kahlen – 4 Provincial standards and PBs in all events

Sydney – silver in 50 breast and PBs in all events

Kiana – 1 silver and 2 bronze

Shallis and Renee – PBs in all events

Emily – PBs in all events and a few new Provincial standards

Jordan, Ruby, Sydney and Skye – 4 PBs

Ksenia – bronze in 400 IM

Avi – silver in 400 IM and 2 PBs

Pierre – PBs in all events and a new Provincial standard in 50 fly

Avery – 2 PBs and fourth in the 400 IM

Full results and new records

Qualifiers for Alberta Southern Provincials and Summer Championships

LASC Spring Challenge Results

Anthony BreaststrokeThe Lethbridge Spring Challenge was the first long course meet of the season for the fourteen Riptides that attended the three day camp and meet.  Anthony led the Riptides with 7 medals, while Kai broke his first long course club record.  Domenic, Kai, Jeremy and Anthony also combined for a bronze in the 200 free relay.

Anthony – 100% PBs and medals in all events – 3 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze.

Domenic – 7 PBs and won gold, silver and 2 bronze

Jeremy – won silver and 2 bronze and 100% PBs

Kiana – won 2 silver, six top 10 finishes and 100% best times

Kai – 7 PBs, won silver and bronze, and new club record in 100m breast

Marin – 7 PBs, silver in 400 IM and six top 10 finishes

Isabelle, Josephine, Jaime, Pierre, and Shallis – 100% PBs in all their events

Avi – 4 PBs

Avery – four top 8 finishes

New record:

Boys 10&U 100 breast – Kai 1:48.62 – Domenic 1:52.86 (2014)

Coach’s report

Novice Riptides @ Spring Fling in Okotoks

Novice Riptides @ Spring Fling in Okotoks

The team had a busy weekend of racing. The novice swimmers raced in Okotoks and the older swimmers in Lethbridge. Over all the team performed very well.

Here’s the report from Coach Tom:

Okotoks Spring Fling

Congratulations to all swimmers on a great weekend in Okotoks! We had some really awesome times coming out of the final meet of the year! Really proud of all of the swimmers who went and showed how well they have trained. The effort that they have put in is really starting to show and as a small club competing against some much bigger clubs, I felt that we had a really good meet as a whole, competing in every race, against some much older swimmers, so well done guys and girls!!

Domenic – 1st in 50 and 200 free, 50 breast, 100 back and 100 IM. 2nd in 50 back.

Jeremy – 1st in100 and 200 breast and 100 free. 2nd in 50 breast and 3rd in 100 IM.

Corey – 2nd in 50 free, 4th in 100 free and 5th in 200 free.

Ian – 4th in 50 free and 5th in 100 breast.

Kiana – 1st in 200 back

Marin – 3rd in 100 back, 4th in 200 free and 50 back, and 5th in 50 fly.

Georgia – 3rd in 50 fly, 4th in 50 free
Here’s the report from Coach Don:

Lethbridge Spring Invitational LC

What a great weekend! The team had a blast bonding together, cheering loud and proud, and pushing each other to swim fast!

Congrats to Cassidy and Emily, our two new qualifiers for Alberta Age Group Trials! The other qualifiers are: Maja, Avi, Josh, Alex, Rachel, Emiko, Aidan, Sean, Avery & Riley.

Our new club record holders:

Girls 10&U – Emily in the 200 Breast with a time of 4:04.43, former record holder was Avi with 4:21.60 in 2013

Girls 11-12 – Emiko in the 200 Back with a time of 3:01.00, besting Emily Cuell’s 3:01.83 in 2009

Girls 11-12 – Rachel in the 200 Breast with a time of 3:21.76, beating Sarah Mackay’s 3:26.65 in 2005

Girls 11-12 – 200 Free Relay with a time of 2:19.09 by Rachel, Avi, Emiko and Cassidy. Previous record holders were Avery, Avi, Emiko & Maja in 2013

Boys 15&O – 200 Medley Relay with Josh, Nick, Alex & Aidan at 2:26.85. Previous record holders were Nick, Gunner Kowalski, Ben Bronsch & James Cunningham at 2:27.45.

On the podium we had: Nick 3rd in the 400 Free, Neo winning the 100-200-400 Free, 2nd in 50 back and 3rd in 50 Free, 50 Fly & 200 Back. Rachel 2nd in the 400 IM, Emiko winning the 50 Back, Sean 2nd in the 200 Fly, Emily winning the 200 Back and Riley winning the 50 back and 2nd in the 200 Back.

The biggest PB of the weekend goes to Emily improving 72 seconds in her 400 Free.

Well done Team, keep up the good work and we will have more fun racing fast!