KSC and Wacky T-Shirt Results

The Riptides won 23 medals and broke 15 club records at the Killarney SC Invitational in Calgary, a big two day meet featuring 350 swimmers from southern Alberta.

Neo  gold in 100 fly and 200 free, silver in 100 and 200 back

Jaime – gold in 100 fly and 400 free, silver in 100 back and bronze in 200 breast

Jeremy gold in 50 breast, bronze in 100 and 200 breast

Joanna silver in 50 free and bronze in 200 back

David silver 200 free

Shallis silver in 100 fly

Kiana – bronze in 400 free

Chloe – silver in 50 breast

Sydney – bronze in 50 breast

Sam – bronze in 100 fly

Kai – bronze in 100 breast


Alberta Provincials qualifiers – Kahlen, Ian, Carter, Jaime, Natalie, Kai, Jeremy, Joanna, Shallis and Kiana


Notable new records:

Boys 17-18 100 breast – David 1:14.19 – Ben Bronsch 1:16.45 (2007)

Girls 14 200 breast – Emily 3:08.97 – Avery Spence 3:23.04 (2016)

Girls 13 400 free – Kiana 4:56.66 – Alison Donelon 4:56.70 (2004)

Girls 12 100 back – Jaime 1:15.57 – Kiana 1:15.69 (2017)

Girls 8&U 100 back – Ani 2:03.63 – Bryn Williams 2:14.13 (2016)

Boys Open 200 free relay – Neo, Sam, David, Riley 1:47.07

Boys Open 200 medley relay – Neo, David, Sam, Riley 2:02.80

Full results and new club records on our website: https://riptides.ca/swimmers/results


Coach’s Alex’s report for Wacky T-Shirt


What a fantastic weekend for the Novice swimmers!   For some this was their very first competition, and for some it was their first out of town competition.  I am so proud of everyone with their results and how they swam. Congratulations to you all.


Andrew: 1 PB and two 2nd place finishes!

Ani: Taking 26 seconds off her 50 fly! 1st in the 25 BR, and 1PB!

Finlay: 3 PB’s! Well Done

Heather: 2 PB’s and a second place in the 25 BR

Madeline: 2 PB’s! Awesome work!

Spencer: 2 PB’s, way to swim fast!

Amyryn: PB in the 100FR and a great 25 fly!

Ben: PB’s in all his events! Great first swim meet Ben

Sydney S: 1 PB, and 2 3rd place finishes!

Cale: All 4 races were PB’s! Great work

Rune: 2 PB’s! Awesome

Will: 1 PB, Great job!


I have seen so much improvement on our ‘little things’. Keep that up and bigger results will come! Keep coming to practice to enjoy swimming and to train hard, then compete to show how much faster you can go! Well done everyone.

Canmore Pentathlon Results

Ani, Kai and Neo were crowned Pentathlon champions at the 2017 Canmore Pentathlon on the weekend. The scoring format adds up swimmers’ times from 5 events, the 100 IM and 50s of each stroke (25s for 10&U).  Swimmers with the fastest overall times win the Pentathlon for their age group.

Full scoring for the Pentathlon here: https://riptides.ca/meets/canmore-pentathlon

Full results: https://riptides.ca/swimmers/results/


Coach Tom’s report:

Great weekend for the Riptides both young and old, a big thank you to all the parents who volunteered at the meet, they do not run without you and a big thank you to our sponsors in Subway and Good Earth for the food and beverage donations. 

Well done to my squads who showed some great demonstrations of the techniques we have been working on at the start of the year. It takes focus and concentration to put them into practice in races and I was really pleased to see so many of the swimmers thinking about this. As well as some early speed and some great times across the board from all the swimmers.

15 Club records went down over the weekend, with 3 overall Pentathlon winners. Great start all, keep up the work in training and in the gym, it will pay off! We move on towards Cascade Speed Meet for qualifiers and then onto KSC Invitational for all. Thank you for all your support.

Coach Alex’s report:

What a fantastic weekend! I am so proud of everyone who swam this weekend. We all achieved personal best’s (PB’s) in at least 1 event if not all events. We also had some first-time winter competitors such as Maddie, Parker, Heather, Finlay and Spencer. You did amazing at your first meet! We had Ella who achieved her 50 FR and BK as well as her 100 FR  Provincials standard for girls 10 and under! Wow!

What I was looking for specifically in this meet was:
  1. 1 – FUN!
  2. 2 – Our ‘little things’ as we call, such as streamlines and breakouts.
  3. 3 – KICK!

We did very well on all points, but my novice groups know that more kick is on the way 😉 This month we will be working a lot on our flip turns and breakouts, more fine tuning to be done. Today they were looking very good!

Notable new records:

Girls 12 – 50 breast – Jaime 40.44 – Brea Peterson 41.37 (2010)
Boys Open – 100 IM – Neo 1:04.78 – Jason Evans 1:04.87 (2010)
Boys Open 200 free relay – David, Neo, Sam, Riley 1:49.12 – Riptides 1:52.17 (2017)
Boys Open 200 medley relay – Neo, David, Sam, Riley 2:05.31 – Riptides 2:10.63 (2009) Simon Cuell, Jason Evans, Nolan Hunter, Arash Hariri



Wild Hair – Coach’s report

Kai smashed the 100 IM boys 10&U club record at the Wild Hair Jr Circuit meet in Canmore.

Congratulations to all the swimmers who swam this weekend! The results were amazing. Every swimmer had at least 1 PB. A shout out to Kai, Ian, Keith and Ella!

I am proud to say a week of just kicking has paid off! We saw a lot more kick in this meet and I am seeing it more in practice! Very happy!

Kai has the boys 10&U 100IM record of 1:30.23

Ian with the boys 10&U 25 fly record of 18.40

Keith with a record of 1:02.32 for the boys 8&U 50 BR

Ella got her Provincial time in the 50 back and a new record for the girls 10&U 25 fly


Ian – 4 PBs, 1st in 50 fly, 50 free and 100 IM, 2nd in 25 fly

Zephan – 3 PBs, 2nd in 50 fly, 3rd in 50 free and 100 back

Isabelle – 1st in 50 breast

Andrew – 1st in 100 back, 2nd in 50 fly and 100 IM

Ani – 1st in 25 breast and 25 back, 4 PBs

Andrian – 4 PBs, 3rd in 50 free and 50 fly

Madeline – 4 PBs and 1st in 25 breast

Chloe – 2 PBs and 3rd in 100 IM

Jordan – 2 PBs

Natalie – 1st in 100 IM, 2nd in 100 free and 50 back, 4 PBs

Keira – 2nd in 25 fly and 2 PBs

Anjah – 3 PBs and 3rd in 50 breast

Kai – 4 PBs and 1st in all events

Skye – 3 PBs, dropped 12s in 100 free

Ella – 1st in 50 back and 25 fly and 2 PBs

Calvin – 3 PBs and 1st in 25 free

Keith – 3rd in 50 breast and 3 PBs

Sydney – 1st in 25 fly, 2nd in 50 free and 50 breast, 4 PBs

Cale – 4 PBs

Rune – 2 PBs


Girls 10&U 25 fly – Ella 18.39 – Shallis 18.99 (2015)

Boys 10&U 25 fly – Ian 18.40 – Anthony 18.45 (2015)

Boys 10&U 100 IM – Kai 1:30.23 – Anthony 1:32.90 (2016)

Boys 8&U 25 breast – Keith 1:02.32 – Liam 1:15.43 (2008)

Ella is our newest qualifier for Alberta Southern Provincials with a new Provincial time standard in 50 back. The youngest member of the team!


Southern Alberta Provincials – Coach’s Report

The Riptides had 9 swimmers attending the Southern Alberta Provincials under the new format of all Finals swims with no prelims.

Congratulations to all the swimmers attending for their professionalism in representing the club and their effort throughout all 4 sessions. For many of the JO swimmers this was their “Big” Meet for the Spring and to see some big time drops is fantastic and a testament to their hard work.

Special congratulations to:

Joanna for achieving the ABC standard in the 400 free with a 19 second time drop from 3 weeks ago and to Kai and Kiana for setting 3 new club records.

Joanna – silver in 400 free and bronze in 200 free, and PBs in all 8 events!

Kiana – bronze in 200 free, 6 PBs and ABC times in all events!

Kai – 2 new club records and 5 PBs

Emily, Jaime, Natalie and Ruby – 6 PBs each!

Anthony – 4th in 100 fly, 6th in 100 free and 200 IM

Jeremy – 5 PBs, 4th in 100 breast, 5th in 200 IM, 6th in 400 free


New records:

Girls 11-12 100 back – Kiana 1:15.59 – Emiko 1:16.87 (2015)

Boys 10&U 100 breast – Kai 1:38.66 – Kai 1:41.89 (2016)

Boys 10&U 200 breast – Kai 3:38.55 – Anthony 3:38.55 (2016)


We now roll onto Spring Championships in Edmonton where Kiana, Joanna, Sam and Neo will represent the club against the best in Alberta.


Team Photos with Santa – Coach’s Report

team-photo-with-santa-2We had an awesome meet this last Sunday hosted by NCSA. I had 10 novice swimmers compete and all crushing PB’s!

Kahlen – ALL PB’s! Dropping a whopping 8 seconds in her 100 BR.
Andrew –  3 PB’s and 2 gold!
Ani – 2 PB’s and a bronze in 50 fly!
Andrian –  2 silver and 1 gold!
Chloe –  3 PB’s and 2 gold!
Natalie – 3 gold and just tenths off the Provincial standard times for 50/100 breast!
Keira –  2 PB’s and a gold!
Keith – 1 PB and a silver!
Sydney S –  3 PB’s, 2 bronze and took 22 seconds off her 100 BR!
Will – Had some great swims this weekend!

Congratulations to you all!! I want to mention those that swam any freestyle events especially the 50 FR, the “little things” were all done perfectly!! All I had written down in my notes was AWESOME!

Keep up the hard work Novice! Very proud of you all!

Wacky T-Shirt – Coach’s Report

Coach AlexWe had 31 novice swimmers attend our first Jr. Circuit meet! What a turn out! We had many first time racers…Kiersten, Noam, Chase, Calvin, Cale, Rune, Gabriella, Cody and Andrian who all swam AMAZING! So impressed. Our experienced novice swimmers, all crushed multiple previous best times, and for some it was by 10 or more seconds. Unreal!

Summary of meet results:

Ella – Silver in 100 FR and silver in 50 Fly, 3 PB’s in 50 BR, 50 BK, and 50 Fly

Andrew – Silver in 100 FR, Silver in 50 BR and a PB, Gold in 50 BR and a PB and silver in 50 Fly with a PB!

Sydney S. – PB in 100 FR, PB in 50 BR, PB in 50 BK!

Natalie – Silver in 100 FR with a PB, PB in 50 BK and silver in 50 Fly with a PB!

Anjah – Bronze in 100 FR, Gold in 50 BR and Gold in 50 BK!

Chloe – PB in 100 FR, silver in 50 BR with a PB, PB in 50 BK, and bronze in 50 Fly and a PB.

Bryn – Silver in 50 BR and a PB, and Silver in 50 Fly with a PB.

Zephan – Bronze in 100 FR with a PB, Bronze in 50 BR, Bronze in 50 BK, and Silver in 50 Fly.

Keira – PB in all 4 events!

Jordan – PB in all 4 events!

Isabelle – PB in 100 FR, and 50 BK

Will – PB in 50 BR, and 50 BK!

Sydney M. – PB in 100 FR, 50 BR and 50 BK!

Ian – Gold in 100 FR, Bronze in 50 BR, Silver in 50 BK, and Gold in 50 Fly. With all PB’s!

Skye – Silver in 50 BR and Gold in 50 Fly.

Ani – Bronze in 25 FR, and all events were PB’s!

Amryn – First meet! With all PB’s

Lane – Silver in 25 BR, Gold in 25 BK, and Gold in 25 FR. All PB’s!

Rune – First meet! Gold in 25 BK, and Silver in 25 FR.

Gabriella – First meet! Awesome swims!

Alexis – Bronze in 25 BK, and Gold in 25 FR!

Keith – Gold in 25 BR, Gold in 25 BK, Silver in 25 FR and 3 PB’s!

Kiersten – Silver in 25 BK, Bronze in 25 FR!

Ruby – Silver in 25 BK, and 3 PB’s!

Calvin – 2 PB’s!

Andrian – Silver in 25 BR, Gold in 25 BK, Gold in 50 FR and gold in 25 FR. What a first meet!

Miles – Bronze in 25 FR and 2 PB’s!

Cale – Gold in 25 BK and Gold in 25 FR and 2 PB’s!

Cody – 2 PB’s!

Chase – 3 PB’s!

Noam – First meet!  Awesome swimming!


Alberta Provincial Championships – Coach’s Report

Neo in 200 Fly final at Alberta Age Group Championships LC

Neo in 200 Fly final at Alberta Age Group Championships LC

The 2015 Speedo Age Group and Senior Championships took place at the Kinsmen Sport Centre in Edmonton and over 740 swimmers were competing for individual and team awards. We had a great performance from the team and finished 3rd in the small team category for the third year in a row.

Swimmers who made it to a second swim in A or B Finals:

Neo Gleason in the 200 Fly, 200 Back and 100 Fly

Domenic in the 50 and 100 Breast

Rachel in the 100 and 200 Breast

Emiko in the 50, 100, 200 & 400 Free, 200 IM and 100 Fly

On the Podium

Emiko won Silver in the 100 and 200 Free

New Club records:

Emiko in the 200 IM

Rachel in the 100 and 200 Breast

Neo in the 200 Back, 100 Fly and 200 Fly

Girls 11-12 200 Free Relay: Emiko, Cassidy, Avi & Kiana

Girls 11-12 200 Medley Relay: Cassidy, Avi, Emiko & Kiana

Girls Open 400 Free Relay: Emiko, Kiana, Cassidy & Marin

Girls Open 400 Medley Relay: Marin, Cassidy, Emiko & Kiana

Girls Open 800 Free Relay: Emiko, Rachel, Cassidy & Marin

Boys 15 & Over 200 Medley Relay: Riley, Alexander, Neo & Domenic