We need to fundraise each season to keep our Club fees as affordable as possible for Bow Valley families and to keep our Club viable.

We ask that each family participate in the fundraising programs outlined below:

Swim-a-thon – Swim-a-thon is the major fundraising event in which all clubs in Canada participate.  It promotes and finances amateur competitive swimming.  The purpose of Swim-a-thon is to raise money for our club in a marathon swim through obtaining pledges for so much per length swum, or a pre-determined amount. Every Riptide participates in the swim and, while fundraising is not mandatory, it’s encouraged.

Swim Meets – Funds are raised through meet entry fees.  For the 2019-20 season, the Club will be hosting one 2 day meet and two novice meets. Parents are needed to volunteer as officials. Training is provided by the club.

Casino – The 4th quarter of 2019 (Oct-Dec). One parent volunteer shift per swimmer registered is required.

Raffle – Sept to Dec 2019.

Check out the raffle website at