Distance and IM Challenge – Coach’s Report

We had a weekend of distance events this past weekend 800 FR, 400 IM, 200 BR. Some swimmers came in for only the 800m FR event and did an incredible job at it. For some it was their first time swimming the 800 and the efforts that they put into their training showed in their distance swim.

Kahlen and Carter both came 3rd in their age group
Jaime blew everyone out of the water coming 1st in her age group
Ruby taking a cool 34 seconds off her 800
Sydney S. participating in her first 800 as well.

Great job for pushing through those distances! We also had White and Novice swim this weekend. Some outstanding swims coming from everyone! Here are a few of their races:

Ian taking over 30 seconds off his 400FR
Ryder swimming his first longer distance events such as the 200 FR and BK
Andrew taking near a minute off his 400 FR (51 seconds faster)
Ani shaving off 48 seconds in her 400 FR
Chloe showing stamina in her races making her 200 BK 11 seconds faster
Sydney M making more best times in all her races
Anjah was making waves in her distance events, 33 seconds off her 200 FR
Amyryn did a pre-practice 400 on her own time and it showed in her actual race
Cale made his backstroke look so smooth making a personal best
Neiva our youngest swimmer at the meet swimming her first 100 FR, BR and BK
Rune pushing deep in her longer distances taking 13 seconds off her 400 FR
Will saw some big personal bests through out the meet