Wacky T-Shirt Coach Report

We had a blast at the Wacky T-shirt swim meet in Calgary! It was probably some of the most fun I’ve had in quite a while, coupled together with some fast swimming.

Aydan adds a first place in the 25 fly to her swimming resume, in addition to 8 seconds faster in her 50m free! Her improvement in just a few weeks was awesome to see, especially her butterfly.

Cassidy continues to amaze me at swim meets. My jaw is always sore from hitting the floor after she swims. She breaks her second club record (25m Free) and drops over 90 seconds off her 200m free race. WOW.

I was super proud of Erin for getting up and swimming her second swim meet. She chipped 8 seconds off her 25m backstroke race, which is not easy in such a short swim. Great job!

Pierre-Andre had two new best times from this swim meet. This was due to improving his technique that he’s practiced every day. Keep up the great work!

Magnus – Had a great swim meet with some much improved swimming. His best finish was 5th in his favourite race, 25 breastroke. He also knocked 10 seconds off his 100 free best time. Nice job!

Maja swam a great 100 IM which was her best finish of 2nd. She also drowned her best time in the 200 FR, going over 30 seconds faster and finishing 3rd.

Sigrid crushed all four of her best times and dropped loads of time. She definitely helped us all get home a little faster! Her biggest improvement was 17 seconds faster in her 50 backstroke, amazing!

Tanzin swam a nice 25fly, good enough for her best finish of 7th. Tanzin also had some much improved rolling in her backstroke swim, a stroke that is not swum flat. Nice work!

Sophie had a much improved 50m free which lead to a great improvement in that race, over 8 seconds. Sophie has been working much harder in practice and I can’t wait to see how she does in future meets.

Meagan swam a great swim meet again, going faster in her 25 and 50m freestyle races, a result of working hard day in a day out at practice.

Renee had been working on keeping her head steady when she swims in practice and that improvement was what got her 4 seconds faster in her 50m free!

Alex cleaned house at this swim meet, going 1st in the 100IM, 1stin the 50 fly and second in the 200 FR. Not many swimmers can work harder than Alex every day in practice, so it’s no surprise he swam so well.

Kassandra won the 25 backstroke and added two new best times to her swimming portfolio this year, in addition to well swum 100 IM.

Alexandra demolished all of her best times from the last swim meet. She comes to practice all the time and works hard all the time. I’m excited to see how much faster she can get! Her best finish was 4th in the 25 back, a good result for her!