Coach’s Meet Report

What a fantastic swim meet! A thank-you to all parents that came to help out and make it possible. A special thanks to our meet manager Mike Gleason to co-ordinate this event and make it run so smoothly!  As a team we collected 51 top three places: 11 firsts, 17 seconds & 22 thirds. 18 swimmers swam for 100% personal best times. The biggest improvement of the meet in one race was 31.02 seconds by Cassidy Behm in her 100 free!

Our veteran Nick led the team to a great day of racing. 1st in 100 back, 2nd in 50 breast & 50 free & 3rd in 100 IM.

It was the first meet for Aydan. She is training really well and learning fast. This nice work in practice brings her two 2nd places in 25 free & 25 back.

Cassidy went for the win in 25 fly and broke the club record. Also two 3rd in 50 back & 50 free, ending up the meet with 100% best times. Her biggest drop was in the 100 free of 31 seconds.

Great day of racing for Neo. He ends up the day with 100% best times for a total improvement of 28 seconds. Four 1st place in 100 Free, 100 Fly, 100 IM, 50 Free and 2nd in 100 Back.

Camryn had a fantastic meet with all best times in her races. Her biggest improvement was in the 100 free with a 12 second drop. Nice improvements in all her strokes bring her a “B” time standard in the 100 IM.

What a day for Avi. Improving on all her races and collecting two 1st in 50 back & 50 free, two 2nd in 100 free & 25 fly and 3rd in 100 IM.

Maja is always consistent attending training and her great work paid off, racing for 100% personal best times. Just over seven seconds of improvement in her 100 back bring her to a 3rd place finish.

Ryan has been improving her technique really nice at training, bringing her a remarkable day of racing with 100% personal best times, a 2nd in 50 back and two 3rd in 25 fly & 100 free.

Amanda always focuses in practice and pays attention to details, bringing her another day of great racing with all best times. The race that she improved the most was in the 100 free, dropping 6.5 seconds. Her best finish of the weekend was 2nd in 50 fly.

Miriam did awesome for her first meet. She was really nervous (like most of the swimmers) but managed to stay cool, took a few good breaths and went for it! After a great day, her best finish was 4th in 100 back.

Josh also ended up with a good weekend. Improving three of his races and bringing home a 2nd in 100 back and a 3rd in 50 back.

Alex was on fire! Improving his races for total time of 34 seconds. Racing to the finish in 3rd in 50 back and 50 free. He also obtained two “B” time standards in 50 & 100 free.

Well done Zoe, one of our new rookies this season who braved the swim meet. She had a great time racing. Her best finish was 5th in the 50 free.

Aidan had a great day attacking his races. His improvement of just over 7 seconds in the 100 breast gave him the win. He also raced to 3rd in the 100 back.

Sean really focused in practice and payed attention to details which showed at the meet. He improved  all his times racing for 2nd in 50 back and 50 fly. A nice drop of 8 seconds in 100 free gave him 3rd place.

Kassandra had an amazing day trying new races and improving all her best times. Her best finishes were 5th in 25 fly and 50 back.

Avery‘s consistent work ethic helped her to improve all her times. She swam 50 fly for the first time finishing 3rd, her best result.

Emily‘s racing is coming along really well. She improved in four out of five races. Her best finish was 6th in the 25 fly.

Meet report from Coach Ben:

Erin – Had her first ever swim meet and did very well. Erin has been improving every day and is getting faster all the time.

Pierre-Andre – A veteran of the novice, Pierre swam 5 events in the meet. He came away with three top 5 finishes.

Magnus – Magnus works hard in practice, which showed in his victory in the 25 free and two new personal best times.

Sigrid – Swam all personal best times at the first meet of the season, a great result for her!

Tanzin – Dropped a whopping 28 seconds off her 100 free, an incredible result after not feeling well for quite a few weeks.

Sophie – Swims very hard and very precise in practice, which showed in her first ever swim meet.

Meagan – New to swim meets, Meagan swam her first three races. Meagan learns very quickly and has become a much better swimmer in such a short time.

Lucas – Smashed all four of his personal bests, a result of quality work in practice every day.

Keenan – Swam three of his first ever races and did them very well because he has improved in practice a lot recently.

Renee – Had three top 4 finishes at her first swimming competition, a great result! Renee is always eager to swim everything I give her, which leads to fast racing.

Seth – Seth gave a great effort in swimming his races and is coming along very well in practice.

Tyler – Now in his second year of swimming for Riptides; Tyler showed everyone how it’s done. He broke all his personal best times, a result of working hard every day at the pool.

Ava – A strong effort every day in practice led to four fast races and smiles all around.

Alex – A very strong swimmer and hard worker, Alex won the 25 free in her first swim meet, in addition to three other fast races.