Dino Cup Report

The biggest meet of the year for the novice group was the Dino Cup. The level of competition was much higher than your average novice meet. We also competed over 2 days. How did we do?

Emma Carmichael had improvement across all of her races and had a highest finish of 2nd! Emma also raced very well in her first 100 Butterfly, a VERY difficult race!

Katy Carmichael went under all her best times at this meet. Her best finish was 4th in a FAST 25 freestyle race! Katy’s biggest improvement was over a second in the 25 Free. Not easy in such a short race!

Sarah Carmichael had a best finish of 3rd in her 25 Backstroke, pulling very close to the club record in the process! Sarah almost improved by 6 seconds in that race!

Pierre Andre Dawe swam SO well at this meet and had some great improvement, his best being over 20 seconds in his 100 Freestyle. 20 seconds?? WOW

Magnus Ellis swam a full load at this swim meet, all 7 races. Magnus tried butterfly for the first time and finished 4th overall in the 25! Magnus also dropped over 3 seconds in the 25 Fr! Nice job!

Maja Ellis comes home with a win in the 25 Freestyle, biting at the heels of the club record in the process. Maja also came second in her favourite race, 25 back. Great results!

Sigrid Ellis once again improved in all of her races. Her best improvement, time-wise, was over 4 seconds in her 50 Free! She also swam her first 100 Free! Well done!

Tanzin King swam a full load of 7 races over the weekend and raced hard! Tanzin’s 50 backstroke was improved by over 4 seconds and she broke the minute barrier! Well done!

 Avi Lamb battled through illness all weekend but still managed to improve by over 30 seconds in the 100 Breastroke. 30 seconds…that’s almost unheard of! Avi also knocked time off her 50 Breastroke and 100 Free. Nice work!

Alex Nielson comes home with 2 new club records, one in the 25 Free and the other in 25 Fly. I wasn’t expecting the fly as this was the first time he raced 25 fly. NICE! He also finished second in both those races!

Florence Pouliot swam hard in her last swim meet as a Riptide. She swam 4 best times and had a best finish of 4th in the 25 backstroke. I will sure miss having Florence around the pool!

Tyler Stadnyk was at his first ever swim meet as a Riptide. Quite the task to bring your first races to a big meet like this! Tyler did very well in the races he swam, having a great finish of 6th in the 25 backstroke!

Emily Titus managed to swim 4 best times and her first ever 25 fly! Emily improved by 1.71 seconds exactly in both her 25 FR and her 50 FR. Emily also had a great finish of 3rd in the 25 Freestyle. NICE!

The Parents survived a very hot and PACKED viewing area. They cheered, filmed and were so dedicated in bringing their kids all the way out for this 2 day meet! Thanks a lot!

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