Wild Hair Meet Report

We had 14 swimmers compete and the wild hair swim meet. While I didn’t have any wild hair, we had some wild swimming!

Katy Carmichael- Had a GREAT swim meet with 3/3 best times, including a second place finish in the 25 Free! Katy also dropped over 10 seconds of time from her 50 Freestyle. Katy just knows how to race and whenever you race against her you not underestimate her! Katy is FAST!
Sarah Carmichael- has been training really hard with incredible focus. The results showed that, she had 3/3 on the best times…her biggest drop being almost 5 seconds in the 50 Free! She also came second in the 25 fly. Sarah had her first ever fly swim and went under the club record along with a fellow Riptide. Now that’s a great result! Sarah hopes to capture the club record at the upcoming Dino cup swim meet.
Magnus Ellis- continues to better himself at every swim meet. He once again went perfect on the best times 3/3! He improved his 50 back by over 11 seconds…WOW! Magnus also had one of his best every finishes, second place in the 25 back! Magnus does a great job every day of leading his lane and the results show that.
Maja Ellis- Didn’t get the chance at this meet to break the club record in the 25 back but her results say she will probably have no trouble at Dino Cup! Maja improved by over 11 seconds in her 100 Freestyle! Maja also had her best finish (5th) in her new event, the 25 Fly! Considering Maja had only been back for 1 week (after being sick) before the meet these are some good results!
Sigrid Ellis– was at her second ever swim meet and did very well! She improved by over 25 seconds in her 50 Free. That is…incredible. WOW!  Sigrid also dropped over 8 seconds off her 25 freestyle. Her work in practice is getting better every day and her improvement speaks to that good work.
Alex Nielson- Had some strong results at his second swim meet of the season. He finished second in his first 100 Freestyle and 3rd in his 50 Freestyle. Alex also improved by over 5 seconds in his 50 Backstroke. Alex is a hard worker and he hopes that his work will pay off with a new club record in the 25 Free at Dino Cup. If anyone can do it, it’s Alex!
Florence Pouliot- had great results in all her races. Florence came 4th in her first every 25 fly swim a swam it very strong. She also rocked in the 50 Free, improving by over 2 seconds. Florence’s racing looks stronger and stronger at every swim meet and it’s so exciting to watch!
Emily Titus comes away from this swim meet with her first every win! Emily out-touched a fellow Riptide by a tenth of a second (0.1) to win the 25 Free. Needless to say, it was a nail biting race! Emily hopes to take this success and duplicate it at Dino Cup! Emily also had a great 100 Free and improved by almost 3 seconds in her 25 Free. GREAT work Emily!
Aidan Parker had a win in the 100 IM and two 2nd place finishes in the 50 and 100 Free! Aidan’s biggest improvement was over 7 seconds in the 100 IM. Aidan has been around the Jr. Circuit for a while now and knows how to get the job done!
Sean Parker won the 100 FR and came second in the 50 back and 100 IM! Sean dropped time in two of his races, the best being just over a second off his 100 IM. Sean’s work in practice has been great and he should continue to get better and better results!
Sam Paley has focus and work ethic like no one I’ve ever met in the pool before. Sam had a phenomenal 100 Free, he bettered his old time by over 20 seconds!! That is fantastic! Sam also took over 5 seconds off his time in the 50 backstroke. Sam works hard and gets good results, no suprise there!
Joshua Lamb had two 1st place finishes at this meet! He improved by almost 2 seconds in his 50 Free. At the speed Josh is going, getting 2 seconds off is GREAT! Josh also improved by nearly 3 seconds in the 100 Free! Keep up the great work Josh!
Avi Lamb Came out of this swim meet with some GREAT results. Avi was 3/3 on the best times. She also improved by over 15 seconds in the 100 IM!! The ‘cream of the crop’ though was the 25 Fly, where Avi smashed the club record! Avi’s focus these past few weeks has been incredible. It’s very exciting to think of the results she will get at Dino Cup!!
Amanda Graham had no problem cleaning house at this swim meet. Amanda had 1st place in the 100 Free, 100 IM, and 2nd in the 50 Fly! Her best times were all crushed, the biggest improvement being over 5 seconds in the 100 IM! Fantastic job Amanda!
That’s a wrap! Thanks to all the parents for their time and effort.
The next meet is the big one, Dino Cup! It’s going to be GREAT!