Crazy Hat Results

We had 14 swimmers competing at the crazy hat swim meet this last weekend and the kids did AMAZING! All I had to do was sit back and enjoy the show. Special thanks to Amanda for letting me wear her big purple hat! (Hopefully no one got pictures of that…)
Florence Pouliot – swam all best times in her swims. The greatest drop was over 11 seconds in the 100 FR! Her best finish was 3rd in the 25 FR, where she dropped over 5 seconds! Florence works hard day in and day out, so it is no suprise that she swam very well. 
Avery Spence – won the 50 BK, finished second in 100 FR and 25 FR, and also placed 3rd in her 50 FR! Avery’s greatest improvement was over 4 seconds in her 100 FR. When we swim front crawl we’re looking for one goggle in the water and one out (cyclops). Avery improved on this alot at this meet and it sure helped her swim fast!
Pierre Andre Dawe – knocked time off of all his swims, the best which was almost 5 seconds in the 25 Backstroke. Pierre’s best finish of 3rd was also in this race.  Pierre and I work every day on his kick and its’ gotten so much better and the results show that. 
Cassidy Behm – Cassidy has struggled with some  injuries to her hand and foot over the past few weeks. Despite that, she still dropped over 35 seconds in her 100 FR. Wow. All of her swims were best times, which goes to show the kind of effort she gives me day in and day out no matter how she feels. 
Maja Ellis – Maja had three 2nd place finishes at this meet. She was SO close to the club record in the 25 BK, missing it my just 2 tenths of a second! She will get it in 6 weeks at the Dino Cup! Maja’s best improvement came in her 100 Backstroke, which was almost 10 seconds. 
Emily Titus – had 4/4 best times at the meet. My jaw was almost on the floor when I saw she dropped nearly 10 seconds in the 50 FR. Her best finish was 7th in the 25 FR, which also saw her improve by over 2 seconds. Emily always works hard, so it was only natural that she got great results!
Magnus Ellis – is another swimmer who also got 4/4 best times. Magnus improved by 14 seconds in his 50 FR…simply amazing! His best finish would be in the 25 Back, where he came 9th. Magnus had a great swim meet thanks to some great work in practice!
Tanzin King – Had a GREAT swim meet. Her best swim would probably be her 50 FR. Tanzin swam this two weeks ago at Pugsley’s and dropped from 1:09 to 1:06. Now at this meet, two weeks later, she drops from 1:06 to 53 seconds. That’s 13 seconds better…in two weeks. WOW WOW WOW! Tanzin’s best finish came in 25 Back, where she came 7th. Great results!
Alex Neilson – Alex was at his first ever swim meet. You would never know by looking at his swimming though…re races like a seasoned veteran. Alex won 2 events, the 25 Back and the 50 Free. Alex was out in club record speed at the 25 mark of his 50 Free, a blistering 17 seconds. Alex works incredibly hard day and day out. I can’t wait to see what he can do in a couple of weeks at Dino Cup!
Sigrid Ellis – Sigrid recently moved up from swim school and is just getting used to swimming back and forth for an hour. Sigrid was able to swim all 3 of her swims legally and quite quickly! For her first ever meet, no DQ’ing shows she knows her stuff! She was alot of fun to have poolside and I look forward to future competitions with her!
Amanda Graham – Definantely wins the prize for most amazing hat ever. Her best swim was her 200 IM (50 of each stroke). Amanda improved by over 12 seconds in that one! She would also come 1st in all 3 of her swims. Pretty aweomse job there Amanda!
Aidain Parker – is a seasond veteran at these Jr Circuit meets and knows how to get the job done. Aidain won all 4 of his events! It probably helped that he had his fast teamates racing right beside him. The most fun one was definantely his 50 Back, he had Maja on his left and Avery on his right and they sure wanted to beat him! I dont’ think Aidan has ever swum for his life like that before!
Sean Parker – also had a GREAT meet. His best swim was the 200 IM, a very difficult event. Sean improved by about 5 seconds, which is a great result. He also chipped off a second in his 100 FR. Keep up the good work Sean!
Josh Lamb –  Josh brings the heat when it is time to compete! We’re talking four victories for this guy. Awesome. His best drop was about 35 seconds in the 100 back. Josh also chipped some time off his 50 butterly. Nice work Josh!
Well that wraps up another awesome swim meet! As always, thanks to the parents! The bleachers were SO packed and SO hot. It takes alot of dedication to sit up there for a few hours! Special thanks to the King’s for driving me around all day!
Look out for the next meet, Dino Cup, in a few weeks in mid-March. This is the big one. If you want amazing results like these guys, definitely sign up.
See you at the pool!    –  Ben